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Mazda Miatas and the Ozarks!

Mazda Miatas and the Ozarks!

Mazda Miatas and the Ozarks!Mazda Miatas and the Ozarks!Mazda Miatas and the Ozarks!

Share your passion for Miatas!


About the Club

The purpose of the Club is to promote:

  • the camaraderie of owners
  • a responsible image for all Miata drivers
  • goodwill for the mutual benefit of all of members 
  • the enjoyment of Miata ownership
  • and to share knowledge of the car

Northwest Arkansas Miata Club Since 1999

 If you have a Mazda Miata, you are more than welcome to join our club and help us explore the area while enjoying the friendship of our membership.

Join us for a Run

 If you are just visiting our area and we have an outing or meeting scheduled, we invite you to join us in your Miata on our 'Miata perfect' road trips in the Ozarks.  We stop at unique restaurants and points of interest along the way.  

Contact Us on our facebook page

Better yet, come to our monthly meeting.


1st Saturday at the Rogers Golden Corral - 9:30am,  usually a ride after, with lunch somewhere along the way.   


on the 3rd Saturday, we normally have a ride and lunch, too.

Northwest Arkansas Miata Club